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63 KWD
Magnesium Chassis, Sensor with a Resolution up to 20,000, IPS of ~450+ with integrated illumination, Nordic RF platform (nrf52840), Polling Rate 1000hz

Success is not too far away as an opportunity. Presenting the New Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse in the Kuwait, created for your win.

Because of the intricate production procedures and procedures used, the thickness of the magnesium chassis can somewhat vary.
After remaining idle for predetermined amounts of time, the Finalsensor is designed to enter different stages of rest mode. When testing a mouse while it is in rest mode, the results won't be accurate indicators of how well it performs in terms of latency.

Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse Features

Amazing qualities that truly convey the brightness of every movement on the screen to your eyes.
The Starlight Pro TenZ is expertly constructed. When pressed firmly on the sides, the shell made of magnesium alloy does not flex yet is lightweight and sturdy.
  • Build quality.
  • Ultralight pro.
  • Tournament Wireless.
  • Flawless esports sensor.
  • Magnesium Chassis.
  • Nordic RF platform.
  • The final sensor is created.
  • Starlight-12 utilizes a high end rechargeable.
The final constructed weight for small and medium is 42 and 47 grams, respectively, and includes the batteries, feet, screws, paint, and coating.

For the purpose of letting the wireless signal escape, the mouse's bottom is built of Ultem rather than magnesium.

With a Resolution (cpi) of up to 20,000, Finalsensor is a pioneering faultless esports sensor. With an integrated illumination system with an IPS of 450+. Next-gen performance is to be anticipated.
With cutting-edge firmware created in-house, the Tournament Wireless technology is based on the market-leading Nordic RF platform (nrf52840). The dependability and performance of an RF mouse can be expected to be superior to that of a wired mouse thanks to years of research and development in RF chambers. The mouse polls at a frequency of 1000 hertz.

Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse Gallery

Improves the quality and color of the image for various game types.
Next-gen performance is to be anticipated. Consequently, there may be a +/- 2 gram difference in weight between each mouse.

Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse Specs

Your gameplay experience will improve dramatically thanks to its many fantastic features.
The expected battery life for continuous usage is 160 hours, for average use cases it lasts 3 weeks, for below average use cases it lasts 7 weeks, and for idle use it lasts 16+ weeks. Various levels of rest mode can be entered by the Finalsensor.
Starlight Pro Magnesium Chassis with Ultem Base

The Magnesium Chassis can slightly vary in thickness due to the manufacturing processes & complexities involved. Therefor the weight of each individual mouse may vary by +- 2 grams.


Final assembled weight including battery/feet/screws/paint/coating is ~42 grams for Small and ~47 grams for medium


The bottom of the mouse is made of Ultem NOT magnesium for the purposes of allowing the wireless signal to escape. It is therefor not as strong as magnesium and should not be squeezed or strength tested as one could with the sides or top of the mouse.

Finalsensor / Tournament Wireless / Battery Performance

The Finalsensor is designed to go into various stages of rest mode after being in idle for set periods of time. Testing the mouse from a standstill if the mouse is in a rest mode will not reflect the accurate latency performance of the mouse


Finalsensor is an industry leading flawless esports sensor with a Resolution (cpi) of up to 20,000. And an IPS of ~450+ with integrated illumination. You can expect next gen performance.


The Tournament Wireless technology is built on the industry leading Nordic RF platform (nrf52840) with state of the art firmware developed inhouse. With years of testing and development in RF chambers you can expect reliability and performance that is better than a wired mouse. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000hz.


The Starlight-12 utilizes a high end rechargable Jauch Lithium Ion battery. Due to the revolutionary engineering that went into the power optimization of the sensor, pcb, and firmware you can expect long durations without needing to charge. Continuous battery life is estimated at ~160 hours, average use case life is estimated at 3 weeks, below average use case life is estimated at 7 weeks, idle use case of ~16+ weeks.


Buy Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse in Kuwait

Keep your confidence and let despair go. Your entire list of wants will be granted.

For the purpose of allowing the wireless signal to escape, the underside of the mouse is made of Ultem rather than magnesium. Before placing your order, kindly check with the customs office in your nation to learn how much these extra fees will be.

Express Delivery Hawalli, Al Farwaniyah, Doha, Bayan, Kayfan, Al Jahrah


Learn more in the Kuwait about Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse, You can find some prepared FAQs below.
What Finalmouse size does TenZ use?
The Finalmouse Starlight Pro - TenZ is a fairly good office and multimedia mouse, though it isn't designed for this usage.
Why is Finalmouse so popular?
Unlike other manufactures, Finalmouse is solely dedicated to the art of the gaming mouse.
How long does the Finalmouse battery last?
Finalmouse claims the medium Finalmouse Starlight-12 has a battery life of 160 hours.
What is TenZ graphics quality?
TenZ currently uses the Logitech G Pro X Superlight, here are his settings: DPI - 800. In-game Sensitivity - 0.4 / 0.408. eDPI - 320 / 326.4. Scoped Sensitivity - 1.
How much is the best price of the Starlight Pro TenZ Finalmouse in Kuwait?
EMI Starts from 15.75 KWD/m 4 Months or 63 KWD.

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